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The Grand Continuum

The Grand Continuum (2014)

1 Continuum 2:16
4 Utopia 6:13
7 The Hourglass 5:03
9 Eternum 3:07

Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR

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Darkest Horizon

"This is, so far, the best Epic Metal album I ever heard." (Metal Temple, November 2014)

Darkest Horizon will immerse you into a massive, timeless, dark and yet beautiful universe. The music, especially from the 2014 album "The Grand Continuum", is not easy to describe or categorize. It is more than just the sound. It is the feeling and atmosphere that draws the listener into many dangerous and unforgiving realms. That's why every song is unique and incomparable, while the very roots can be found in the most epic of melodic death metal.

The new Album

"The Grand Continuum"is a concept album which captures this massive scale. A journey from the microcosm to the macrocosm and in between dimensions. A timescale in which humanity plays a rather insignificant role. The concept behind the costume design and artwork is to create an image that fits into the past and the future. An image that is not affiliated with terrestrial concerns but rather with the unforgiving and dangerous conditions of the universe, which take a heavy toll on all life.


The Grand Continuum

The Grand Continuum (2014)

Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR

Scattered Worlds Standard Edition

Scattered Worlds (2013)

Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR

Shattered Skies

Shattered Skies (2011)

Under Licence From Darkest Horizon GbR




20.07.19 Chaostraum Open Air Marburg
19.07.19 Mahlstrom Open Air Herthasee
18.06.19 Black Pearl must Burn Wetzlar (Black Pearl)
18.05.19 15 Years Wintersun Turku (Apollo Night Club)
17.05.19 15 Years Wintersun Seinäjoki (Rytmikorjaamo)
11.05.19 15 Years Wintersun Nivala (Tuiskula)
10.05.19 15 Years Wintersun Helsinki (Nosturi)
22.12.18 New Year Apocalypse Darmstadt (Goldene Krone)
16.11.18 Metal Gates Festival Bucharest (Quantic Club)
05.11.18 Wintersun by Request Show Aschaffenburg (Colos Saal)
04.11.18 Wintersun by Request Show Bochum (Matrix)
03.11.18 Wintersun by Request Show Amersfoort (Fluor)
19.10.18 Welicoruss/Darkest Horizon/Corbian Frankfurt (11er)
23.08.18 Wintersun by Request Show München (Backstage)
22.08.18 Wintersun by Request Show Wien (Szene)
15.06.17 M.I.S.E. Open Air 2017 Homberg
03.12.16 DEBAUCHERY + DARKEST HORIZON Markneukirchen
05.11.16 MAELSTROM FESTIVAL 2016 Colombo, Sri Lanka
08.10.16 NOISE'N'BURG Neu-Isenburg
01.10.16 METAL UP YOUR LIFE 2 Darmstadt
09.07.16 SUNSTORM OPEN AIR Nordheim
10.04.16 NACHTLEBEN SPECIAL Frankfurt
13.02.16 EVOLUTION OF METAL XV Dresden
06.02.16 METAL UP YOUR LIFE Darmstadt
05.12.15 DARKEST ANNIVERSARY '15 Rodgau (Openstage)
15.11.15 CRADLE OF FILTH + DARKEST HORIZON Hamburg (Markthalle)
02.11.15 CRADLE OF FILTH + DARKEST HORIZON Saarbrücken (Garage)
31.10.15 CRADLE OF FILTH + DARKEST HORIZON Nürnberg (Hirsch)
30.10.15 CRADLE OF FILTH + DARKEST HORIZON Hannover (Capitol)
26.10.15 CRADLE OF FILTH + DARKEST HORIZON München (Backstage)
24.10.15 CRADLE OF FILTH + DARKEST HORIZON Köln (Essigfabrik)
27.06.15 LET THE BAD TIMES ROLL OPEN AIR 2015 Krummhörn
30.05.15 DARKEST HORIZON + VARIOUS ARTISTS Darmstadt (Krone)
12.12.14 DARKEST ANNIVERSARY '14 Rodgau (Openstage)
28.11.14 CRASHING THE BASEMENT Neckarsulm
15.11.14 WINTER METAL Zwickau
19.07.14 SUNSTORM FESTIVAL Nordheim
21.06.14 METALFEST OPEN AIR Loreley
16.05.14 METAL ABEND Mühlheim am Main (JUZ)
20.12.13 ALTE METALWACHE Bad Nauheim
14.12.13 BIG BANG FESTIVAL Hagen
30.11.13 DARKEST ANNIVERSARY '13 Rodgau (Openstage)
29.11.13 METAL BATTLE Rüsselsheim (Das Rind)
02.11.13 NOISE'N'BURG FESTIVAL Neu-Isenburg
26.07.13 EISENWAHN OPEN AIR Obersinn
22.07.13 METALDAYS OPEN AIR Tolmin
13.07.13 LET THE BAD TIMES ROLL OPEN AIR 2013 Krummhörn
06.07.13 EISENWAHN CONTEST #2 Mittelsinn
14.06.13 EISENWAHN CONTEST #1 Darmstadt (Steinbruch)
04.05.13 ROCK AUF DER BURG OPEN AIR Königstein
28.04.13 METAL NIGHT Frankfurt (Spritzehaus)
17.11.12 DARKEST ANNIVERSARY '12 Rodgau (Openstage)
16.11.12 TENSIDE TOUR Rüsselsheim (Das Rind)
25.10.12 NACHTBLUT TOUR Frankfurt (Nachtleben)
22.09.12 ISLA FESTIVAL Neu-Isenburg (Hugenottenhalle)
21.09.12 METAL NIGHT Frankfurt (Das Bett)
03.09.12 ROCK AM BANNTURM Heusenstamm
15.06.12 METAL NIGHT Darmstadt (Krone)
07.06.12 METALFEST OPEN AIR Loreley
01.06.12 METAL NIGHT Neu-Isenburg (Juca)
27.01.12 METAL NIGHT Darmstadt (Krone)
22.10.11 DARKEST ANNIVERSARY '11 Rodgau (Openstage)

"Epic melodies collide with animalistic growls and a bombastic concept story, in a way that is rarely found on a debut album."
( Legacy Magazine, Volume #100, 2016)

"This debut album, ‘The Grand Continuum’, is the best I've heard this year. Everything is included: emotion, aggression, melodies, power, grunts, screams, blast beats, tech, prog and delicious drums. This is such a great album because all the elements referred to are forged into one great, narrative experience."
( Lords Of Metal, November 2014, Verdict: 94/100)

"If the rebirth of the Universe had a soundtrack, it would definitely be The Grand Continuum. The nine opportunities to fall in love with Darkest Horizon's music are unique in their own special way. Original, fatefully striking, memorable and for sure different from everything ever made, the album deserves its place among the 2014 favourites."
( Metal Hangar, July 2014, Verdict: 9/10)

"This is, so far, the best Epic Metal album I heard ever."
( Metal Temple, November 2014, Verdict: Masterpiece)

"Darkest Horizon invites you on a cinematic journey with a mixture of timeless melodies and modern metal-tunes. The idea of combining monumental symphonic sounds with melodic death metal is the characteristic force behind the band and distinguishes them from generic tunes.”
(Orkus Magazine, October 2012)

"Melodic Death Metal that you‘re going to enjoy from the first to the last note. Those who love music somewhere between Children Of Bodom and Ensiferum, should listen to Darkest Horizon. It’s worth your while!"
(Metal Hammer Magazine, December 2011)

Since the band’s foundation in 2010, Darkest Horizon was positively received from various magazines, webzines and radio stations with their acclaimed CDs "Shattered Skies" (2011), "Scattered Worlds" (2013) and „The Grand Continuum“ (2014). The band has been voted Best Live Act multiple times by jury and fans, proving their skill at international festivals like the Metalfest Open Airs Germany or Metaldays Open Airs Slovenia and winning several band contests, including the Eisenwahn Festival Competition.

Darkest Horizon drew the attention of several music, merch, media and beverage sponsors including Washburn Guitars USA (US Music Corperation), Engl Amps,, Cubeaudio (In Flames, Guano Apes) and Absolutely Framed. Own technicians (FoH / Instrument techs / Stage setters) are invaluable assets to the live experience.

Over the past years the band shared the stage and befriended many internationally known acts like Cradle of Filth, Dark Tranquillity, Ensiferum, SepticFlesh, Alestorm, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Debauchery and many more.

All six members, Aurelius Lie (past)/Enis Lorenz(Vocals), Oliver Sattler (Guitars), Daniel Baum (Guitars), Christian Mühlbauer (Keyboards), Jonas Heinzel (Bass) and Vincent Haas (Drums) have experience in headlining festivals with sets of up to 120 minutes and are always close and true to their fans.

In 2016 the band released their first music video which was produced and directed by Absolutely Framed. The productions quality and the artistic style were highly acclaimed by the online community as well as by the press. The band also played their first gig ever outside of europe. They headlined the Maelstrom Festival which takes place in Colombo, the capitol of Sri Lanka.

In 2017 the band won the semi-finales of the Wacken Metal Battle and performed on the Dong Open Air 2017.

The band as well recorded their second full lenght album „Aenigmata“ which is now awaiting its release in 2018.

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